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Web Hosting Basics

What is web hosting?

1) For a website to be seen on the internet, it needs a web server to reside on. When people visit a website they are actually accessing files on this web server. Web hosting can be thought of as renting space on a web server.

2)No matter how complex or extensive, every web site must be hosted. Hosting a web site entails storing its constituent files, images, and data on a web server, a computer whose sole purpose is making the site available over the web. Once a site is hosted, it can be viewed from any computer with a web browser and internet connection. A user need only type the site’s web address into a web browser, and the web server will respond by downloading the site onto the user’s computer, where it is displayed by a "web browser" application like Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

3)Web hosting is a way to get your website online. In fact, it's the only way. You see, a web server is similar to your very own computer, except usually with more power and speed. Servers are stored inside of "data centers" where extremely high-speed connections are running through thousands of servers. All these servers are there for one reason, and one reason only – to get your website online.

What is a web host?

1) A web host provides you with space on a server on which to store your web pages so that they are viewable online to others. Web hosts are responsible for keeping the server (and your website) online, and also maintaining the server on which they are housed. Web hosts work to maintain the server by keeping software current, applying patches and security updates when necessary, and monitoring the overall health of the server hardware. Web hosts deal with the technical end of web hosting, providing both the equipment and the expertise to troubleshoot any problems that may arise. Your web host will work with you to answer any technical and support questions you may have.

2) A web host is a provider of web hosting services. Web hosts can be as diverse as multinational telecommunications companies to small local businesses. Typically, web hosts will provide you not only with web hosting services but also technical support. Your website is stored on your web host’s webserver which maintains high speed connections to the internet. Anyone connected to the internet can view your website through your host’s web server.

3) A web host is someone that provides hosting services to people like you. When you register a domain (yourcompany.com), you need a company and a server to “host” it. We provide you with that service and more. Simply sign up, telling us your domain name, and we are your web host. After a few standard processes, your website will be online for anyone to see.

What is shared (also known as "virtual") web hosting?

1)Shared (or "virtual") hosting means that your website resides on a server that is simultaneously hosting other sites. Your site will be allocated a set amount of disk space and data transfer and, in most instances, you will be able to use your own domain name (eg. www.yourname.com). Note that although the server is being shared by other sites, your site's files are protected and secure, unable to be accessed by the server's other users.

2)Shared web hosting is almost exactly like it sounds – sharing web space on a server. When a company owns a server, the total space of the computer (measured in Gigabytes) is divided into much smaller amounts, so that we can offer you and many others just what you need. When the space is divided like this, the speed remains. Don’t feel that since you are sharing web space with others that you are going to lose the speed you would have had on an empty server. We have many servers, and divide our users appropriately, so no loss of speed occurs.


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