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Web Hosting

One of the most important business relationships for a Website owner (whether the site's for business or pleasure) should be with a Web hosting company. After all, you pay a host to look after your site -- you should expect them to take good care of it. So it stands to reason then that host selection is important for anyone who manages or runs their own site. This Guide to Hosting is in two parts. Today we'll: look at why it's important to choose the right host, review a hosting assessment checklist you can adapt to yur needs, and consider the aspects of shared or dedicated hosting, and choosing server software. Then, in Part 2 , we'll explore in detail the basic elements you should consider as you develop your checklist and assess different hosts, including:

  • disk space
  • email accounts
  • FTP Access
  • data transfer
  • bandwidth
  • multimedia support

  • ...and more.

But first, let's look at why the choice of host for your site is so important.

Saving Face -- and Money!

How your chosen Web host looks after the server that hosts your site will reflect on you as the owner of the site. If the site is frequently unavailable due to unreliable servers, poor server configuration or the server simply being unable to handle the traffic your site receives, this will give your users the impression that you don't really know what you're doing. This is bad enough with hobby sites, but is of particular concern if you run a virtual store, or have potential employers trying to view your online portfolio.

We'd all like to think that once our site's up and running, it'll always be available to everyone who wants to view it, whenever they want to. But as we all know, this certainly isn't the case. There will always be those times when a site you try to visit isn't available for whatever reason. That is, unfortunately, the unpredictable nature of the Internet. If your site is a business site, it could suffer from the lost opportunities to take orders or enjoy brand exposure, and personal and hobby sites, too, could miss revenue opportunities while they're unavailable. Even not-for-profit sites can get a poor reputation if visitors find them unavailable or slow to use.

While the potential loss of revenue is the most obvious reason for wanting to choose a good host, your decision can often have other ramifications than simply up-time. Quite often a problem with a host can affect the other services associated with your domain. Services such as email and FTP could also be affected, so you might find that while your site's down, you're also unable to check your email. Worse still, email messages could be returned to the sender, giving your visitors the conclusion that the site no longer exists...

Top 10 Web Hosting Companies

Web Hosting Review suggests you secure web hosting that can work best for you. All ratings are based on user feedback. You can find a list of the best web hosting companies below. These companies offer you qualitative and reliable web hosting, when it comes to support, consulting and technical features. They are in the market for many years and honored strong reputation. Web Hosting Review is the only way to search for honored web hosting company.

Rank Web Site Rating Price Setup Disk Space Bandwidth
1 Hostony.com 10.0 $9.85 Free 3000 Mb 80 Gb
2 9.5 $14.55 Free 500 Mb 7 GB
3 9.0 $18.00 Free 300 Mb 3 Gb
4 8.5 $7.95 Free 1000 Mb 100 Gb
5 7.5 $9.95 Free 300 Mb 50 Gb
6 8.0 $18.99 Free 300 Mb 15 Gb
7 7.5 $17.95 Free 300 Mb 15 Gb
8 7.5 $29.99 Free 500 Mb 10 Gb
9 5.0 $39.95 $50.00 600 Mb 40 Gb
10 4.0 $36.35 $49.95 250 Mb 15 Gb

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