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FTP Access

One other thing that is common amongst paid web hosting accounts is FTP access. FTP programs allow you to upload files and to edit and delete your content on the server much more quickly than using a Web-based interface. If you are web hosting on a *nix system, you'll also be able to change your file permission settings using FTP.

One of the better features I've seen offered with web hosting is the ability for you to create your own FTP accounts. This is great when you have someone helping out on the site, or if you want to share your Web space while keeping your users' files separate from your own. How hosts go about this can vary.

Some web hosts will let you act like a mini web hosting company, where FTP accounts that you create take users to a special folder specifically for their files, which keeps them separate from your main files. Other web hosts will allow you to create FTP accounts in which you can define exactly which folders the user has access to, and exactly what they can (and can't) do with them.

While having the ability to create multiple FTP accounts may seem trivial if you don't intend to host other sites on your Web space, it can be useful for allowing temporary or permanent access to anyone helping you with your site, without you ever needing to give out your own FTP account details. Now that is a feature worth having!


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