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How To Choose Affordable Web hosting?

Alright, I guess you're reading this cause you want to learn how to choose the perfect webhost. Right? Right. Alright, I know that you don't want to sit here and read an article for ever and ever... So, I'm going to make this as short and effective as I can.

First, when choosing a web host, you should set a price plan. How much do you want to pay for what? To help you out, anything less than $15 is either lousy service, small storage space, or no extra features. Unless you need 600mb of space or what not.

Next, You need to figure out how much space you need. Anything less than 150mb for more than $15 a month is not enough space for your money. (see also Web Hosting Price)200-300mb for is ample space and you should be getting what you are paying for. If you want more, the price will go a little higher.

Now then, added features. The features I'm about to list should be standard with any web hosting that you have to pay for:

  • 150mb or more
  • CGI from your own directory
  • SSI (Server Side Includes-for CGI)
  • At least 10 POP email accounts yourdomain.com
  • yourdomain.com
  • At least 6gig of traffic a month.
  • Telnet Account
  • Unlimited email forwarding
  • Unlimited Auto-Responders
  • A fast server.

But how can I tell if it's a decent server? Go to the companies website, if they're site seems to be slow, then, chances are so will yours!

Also, please keep this in mind...when you are looking at web hosting services, look at how they're page is done, it's very important! Only sign up with services whose sites are fast, clean, organized and professional, and their goal is to help the customer. (Trust me on this!). Anything else, is going to be a hassle (Trust Me!)

Here are a few features you might also want with your website:

  • Anonymous FTP
  • Extra or Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Unlimited POP email
  • Your Own IP address
  • A Personal Control Panel
  • Sub-Domains
  • MajorDomo mailing list server.

These are added features that you might want on your account, but might have to pay extra for. Although, most of these come with the service. Well, that's pretty much it! You're guide to choosing the perfect web hosting!


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