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Welcome to NAUSHIKA hosting!

We only sell powerful, affordable dedicated server hosting to thousands of businesses worldwide. ServePath delivers guaranteed performance and uptime, a Screaming Fast Network, and the latest hardware from our two world class data centers.

Everything you need for Internet activity!
Privacy, Performance, Control

Find out about hosting Business Plans and Services.
A Professional Web Design Company For You - The main goal for any person or company looking for a site should be to obtain a web site that is attractive, innovative, accessible, and has an effective design that allows them to reach the largest target audience, as quickly as possible.

The High Cost of Cheap Service - Computer man has a personal and professional friend of several years who spent the greater part of the last 12 months bragging about this super guru he had found off shore.

Using Forums To Build Backlinks - using forums for generating backlinks is one of the proven method.

Get a Top Ranking Without Paying A Cent - If there's one thing that Google loves, it's content.

Web Site Makeover Checklist - A systematic approach to check all elements of your web site.

eBay and the Advent of Cybercash - Gone are the days when only cash (or cattle in some cases) was the only accepted mode of payment for trades.

The Sure Fast Way To Make Money On EBay - An easy guide to help you start selling on ebay.

Public Speaking Basic Tips - Have you ever wondered if what you know about public speaking is accurate? Consider the following paragraphs and compare what you know to the latest info on public speaking.

Graphic Design Training Enhancing Your Computer Graphic Design Skills - Graphic designers nowadays require not only creative abilities, but also some understanding of other graphic design-related areas such as computer graphic design.

Website Design Considerations I - web design is relatively easy with such programs as Alley Code, Evrsoft, Coffee Cup, Page Breeze or other free html editors.

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