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The High Cost of Cheap Service

Immediately someone will say, probably in a weak effort to defend their indefensible practices, there is a difference between cheap service and inexpensive service. To which the computerman responds, BULL ! Not in the labor intensive website design, building and marketing arena - no sorry, there is not. How many ads do you see on the internet everyday with some self proclaimed millionaire, self annointed guru trying to sell you his program to allow you to follow in his foot steps for X Dollars and requiring only 30 minutes of work a day on your computer, at home, by the pool you don't have, sipping your favorite beverage, with a bevy of girls your wife would never approve of, in a smoking jacket that went out of style in the 70s? Hello!!! This is your wake up call!! The Tennessee Mountain Man has been in the computer repair arena and building and promoting websites since 1990. And, while things have changed greatly over the years, they have remained the same. Mom always said if it sounded too good to be true, it probably was.

That sage advice surely applies in the smoke and mirrors world of virtual reality. There truely is no free lunch. Whether one is having a computer repaired, data recovered, a hard drive resurrected, a website designed, a website promoted or getting consulting services you get what you pay for. Shopping on the basis of price alone will accomplish little more than to slim down your wallet. On the other hand.

Clients need to keep in mind that just like anything else in life, not all techs, not all consultants, not all website designers, and not all computers or computer parts are created equal. Through the years it has continued to confound the computer man that clients would pay good money to get their computer repaired or a website designed just to let "a friend who knows a lot about it" fix it right. Dacomputerman has seldom complained and then not very loudly as the work always had to be redone at full fee again and again and again. There were clients whose work had to be redone weekly. Most were honest about their issues, but then there were always the others. One quick example: Computer man has a personal and professional friend of several years who spent the greater part of the last 12 months bragging about this super guru he had found off shore.

The guru was designing, building, hosting, and promoting his commercial website for less than $10.00 a month. Computer man just smiled and nodded knowingly.

When the friend asked, "can't you match his price or come close to it?", he was told sorry, no. Recently the friend showed up unexpectedly. It appears that after the better part of a year his website was not up and he had seen no working documents though he was making regular monthly payments. To top it off he recently received a bill for almost $700.00. After that experience he talked with a local website designer who had offered to build the site and post it to the web for a mere $100.

00. When the friend started trying to tell the website designer what he was looking for in a website and that he needed it soon, the guy blew up. The erstwhile website designer explained that he was just picking up some pocket money and was offering to do the job on the side. But, if the client knew what he wanted and needed it within the next couple of months the designer was suddenly not interested. In other words, it was a scam from the beginning. People in trouble and people in a hurry make especially good targets for the unethical in any field, and unfortunately far too many computer industry related people seem to be in competition with used car salesmen for the sleaze award.

//s// computer man website design and website promotion.

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