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Welcome to NAUSHIKA hosting!

We only sell powerful, affordable dedicated server hosting to thousands of businesses worldwide. ServePath delivers guaranteed performance and uptime, a Screaming Fast Network, and the latest hardware from our two world class data centers.

Everything you need for Internet activity!
Privacy, Performance, Control

Find out about hosting Business Plans and Services.
Directories Submissions and SEO Search Engine Optimization - This article will guide you the importance of directories submissions in launching a new site, or ranking an existing one.

Window Web Hosting Top Ten Hosting E Commerce Web Hosting - Web is a uncomplicated internet service that allows , organizations and to corroborate a effective presence on the World Wide Web.

Starting and Building an Internet Home Business Online - You want to work from home, you want to earn big money.

Window Web Hosting Top Ten Hosting Dedicated Server Web Hosting - Web is a rudimentary internet service that allows individuals, and corporations to authenticate a near presence on the World Wide Web.

Are U Tubed Get In Now And Make Youtube Work For You - Technology affords us new and interesting abilities every day.

Affiliate Marketing Most Popular Affiliate Programs - The sale of subsidiary company is defined as method to support the businesses of sequence in which a subsidiary company is rewarded for each visitor, subscriber, customer, and/or sale provided by its efforts.

Wholesale Business Spotting Copyright Infringement Crooks - Avoiding copyright theft for your business- explained.

Web Design the Wright Way Web Layout - Webmaster tips on setting up the layout to your first web design.

Secure your Privacy from Spyware and other Adware programs - Be cautious when surfing the net and downloading free/shareware.

Web Design for a Likable Website - When you create a web design that is appealing to visit, people will be more likely to visit more often, add you to their bookmark list, and, therefore, think of you first when your products and/or services are needed.

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