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Wholesale Business Spotting Copyright Infringement Crooks

Do you know if wholesale business crooks are robbing you right now? How can you know if someone is robbing you accurately? Do you know you at least know something about copyright laws to protect your e-commerce business? Well, the Internet is full of incredibly low-budget lazy people. Giving some humor to the storyline, as I am writing I am dealing with a guy by the last name of Michael- who is violating both International laws and US state federal copyright laws with the already research articles that I have taken the time to write for both my e-commerce clientele and the long list of readers who have carefully believe in my teachings and practices. As of February 22, 2007- I have a guy who is publishing my copyrighted information in order to gain credibility and perhaps monetary financial benefits out of the easy, laziest crook way to earn a reputation on the Internet marketing. Is this fair or what? How can you learn from a competitor who is rewriting your articles for the purpose of gaining $0.

05-$2.00 Google Adsense cents per click or perhaps, how do you cope and handle such crook without not yet releasing his information to thousands of customers- who indeed turn from one person to eleven on average per recent statistics. The first thing you and your wholesale business must realize is that taking action without feeling pity for the crook monetary damages to your business is vital.

Credibility, time and financial damages may be in the thousands or perhaps in the millions of dollars depending on your market and current profit growth of your consulting, eBook or e-commerce business. One of the greatest certified software you can use for your wholesale business and indeed the tool that uses Google Web APIs is- CopyScape. CopyScape is a great tool to identify copyright infringement, plagiarism or content theft as many of the names its being called today.

After such crook appears in the CopyScape system and you have done careful research and confirm with the right legal advisor- it is then time to take final action. If the guy is in the United States of America, getting pro-bono work with a graduated law student may be one of the easiest things to do if budget is an issue. If budget is not an issue, you hire an Internet marketing specialist to conduct a well though of plan to add a brand new Mercedes to your financial portfolio. At least that is the way a guy without self-pity for crooks will follow without hesitation. Whether he is in Australia or the United States of America, copyright infringement is a crime punishable in Australia starting from $1,000 to liability maximum offenses of $6,600 just in penalties from current Australian laws.

While getting your materials, e-commerce store scripts and web structured illegally stolen- content is yet another issue that can be diminished greatly if taking proper wholesale business action when spotting such low-life parasite. You have been warned.

Wholesale Business online is one of the business components Joaquin serves as reference source, e-commerce coach and certified author. His focus today is assisting people receive extra income through the elimination of spotting a wholesale crookWholesale Business for re-sell purposes

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