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What In The World Is Junkanoo And What Does It Have To Do With Music

Junkanoo is a famous event and celebration that has made Bahamas music popular. This celebration takes place on December 26th and January 1st. The event begins in the morning with a parade.

The parade has people wearing colorful costumes, and dancing to Bahamas music. This music is also gaining popularity in the United States and Japan due to groups such as the Baha Men, Ronnie Butler, and Kirdland Bodie. The Junkanoo celebration has influence and promoted Bahamas music. Although this music is very popular for the celebration, it is loosing its recognition due to American influence. The Bahamas are so close to Florida that they can pick up American radio and television stations. This and the introduction of music such as reggae, soca, and calypso are to blame for the decreasing interest in Bahama music.

This decrease in interest does not discourage the Bahamas music bands. They used to use goatskin drums and saws to make their music. The goatskin was used to make a rolling sound. Today the rake and scrape bands use other instruments such as saxophones, and electric guitars. Although the type of instruments has changed, the idea is still the same.

It doesn't matter what instruments you use to make the music, as long as you are still making the music. The music may not sound exactly the same as it used to, but you will still enjoy the sounds. Even when they made their own drums not all the drums were made out of the same thing.

Instruments were home made and did not always sound the same. A violin was made out of a washtub and a string with a stick as a bow. You might have seen people using metal files to scrape across a saw as well. You see, even then there were different variations of instruments used to make this music. The Bahamas music decrease in popularity has also not affected the Junkanoo celebration. If you go to a Junkanoo celebration you will still be able to enjoy the Bahamas music.

The music is played loud and proud for all who are there to enjoy. You will hear the great Bahamas music, and see the beautiful costumes and dancers. The people who are involved in the celebration really enjoy what they do and love sharing it with tourists. They might even get you involved. They do a little dance step that is two steps forward, and one step back. It is a lot of fun to get involved in all the festivities they have to offer.

You are sure to enjoy yourself from the start of the celebration in the morning until it ends at dusk.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as digital music downloads at http://www.digitalmusicdownloadstore.com

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