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Web Filtering in the Business Place

Web filtering is often seen as being a controversial subject with many people arguing as to why we actually need web filtering software. As many people have agreed, content filtering software is a great idea to be used in homes that have small children as well as being used in schools, both primary and senior as it protects children against websites that they are too young to see and also protects them from the prospect of paedophiles. The one place that always causes a divide of opinions when it comes to web filtering is the suggestion of using it within the work place.

This is controversial subject manner that divides managers and employees and leaves many people wondering is it needed in the work place. The truth of the matter is that more and more of us are being employed in jobs that involve the use of the Internet and due to this many employees are starting to abuse the hours that should be spent working. Around half of all employees within any industry involving the Internet are using their time at work to view inappropriate sites, shop online and download and play MP3's throughout the day.

Due to this employers are becoming more and more concerned with legal liability, productivity and bandwidth use. Businesses do have the right to monitor and filter the content that their employees are viewing on the Internet; however many employers are reluctant to let employees know that they are being monitored. This is one of the main causes of privacy and trust issues that arise within the work place. It is important that employers pay attention to employee concerns and communicate the idea of introducing content filtering to them so that any issues that either party may have can be talked through. The main issues that most employers have when it comes to inappropriate use of the internet is sites concerning explicit content, gambling and online shopping sites such as eBay. Socialising sites however, such as myspace and facebook are also top concerns as a waste of employee time.

The way in which many of the web filtering software packages that are out today work are by operating a block list. This block list comprises of all the Internet sites that employees will not be able to gain access to. This list can be updated daily, giving you the freedom to add more sites to the list as you find them or as they come out.

This block list doesn't just work on the website address that you type in; it also monitors search engine results meaning that if employees are searching for material that is inappropriate to the work that they are carrying out, these search results will not be able to be opened. This block list is the most effective method of content filtering that is available and is extremely easy to maintain, giving an employer complete control of what material will be accessible. It is important to keep in mind that these software packages do not however protect your network or employees from viruses and hacks or instant messenger or email.

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