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Virtual Assistants And The Power Of EProductivity

When the Internet took off in the 1990s, many predicted it would end Realtors' jobs. Ha! Not even close! In fact, the Internet has bolstered Realtors in many ways. One way is through the arrival of virtual assistants (VAs) -- those who work off-site. Many specialize in helping Realtors. And there's a good reason VAs are flourishing: efficiency. Sure, productivity is vital in business.

But productivity without efficiency is a sure path to a slow and painful death in real estate - or in any other business. VAs help you put a laser-like focus on what you do best - sell real estate. I practice what I preach: my director of technology lives in British Columbia. And he saves me a bundle every year.

I don't pay for his equipment, office space, insurance, vacation days, sick days, training or any other budget-draining items. I pay him only for what he does best - so I can do what I do best. Talk about synergy.

I like VAs because they go to the very heart of my business: developing and implementing systems that put real estate practices on autopilot so Realtors can enjoy more of their life. So what do you need to do before you hire a virtual assistant? - Research VAs. There's an ocean of information about them on the Internet.

Search on the words virtual assistant for literally thousands of results. - Revisit your business plan. I'm a big proponent of business plans, especially ones that make service to your clients a top priority. And you'll want a VA who understands your commitment to your clients. Beyond that, identify tasks best handled by VAs then turn those tasks into a job description.

With systems, everyone on your team knows exactly what's to be done. So diagram every task the VA will complete in a workflow, show deadlines and required results. You'll end up with detailed checklists for every task so all future VAs will know precisely what's to be done.

(This goes for work on a 'position' versus 'project' basis - if the job requires ongoing work versus just a single undertaking.) - Know what you're willing to pay. One of the advantages of VAs is that you're not limited by location. So you can shop around for VAs who live where wages are perhaps more reasonable. So don't limit your search to just your community. - Know your technology needs.

Don't fret too much about this; VAs are usually well versed in computer and software requirements. And costs are minimal. For example, a VA can access your computer files for as little as $20 a month using one of many different internet based applications that exist today. So let me challenge you right now - today. Take a few minutes and assess your efficiency in your real estate practice.

Are you as efficient with your time - day in and day out - as you can be? If not, you're cheating yourself. Give virtual assistants a closer look and your success will be virtually assured! Good luck!.

Bob Corcoran is a nationally recognized speaker who is the founder of Corcoran Consulting, an international consulting & coaching company that specializes in performance coaching, and the implementation of sound business systems.http://www.CorcoranCoaching.com 800-957-8353 Info@CorcoranCoaching.com

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