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Various link building method

Once you have made your website it's time to get it successful and making money. The only way to make money is to get people visiting it, the more people you can get ? the more potential it has. There are many ways that you can boost your search engine ranking increasing your traffic.

You have to build as many quality back links as possible which in turn raise your rank in the major search engines. There are various ways of doing this, each having advantages over the other. One way is to submit your website to directories, this is where you pick a top level category and include your website and description in there.

This can be very useful as a popular directory can provide you with targeted traffic. Directories often come in three forms, free non reciprocal (you can submit it for free with out needing to link back to them), free reciprocal (you can submit your link for free but you will have to have a link from your site to the directory in order to get accepted) or paid directory (self explanatory, you have to pay either per month/year/permanent in order to get your site listed). Another way is to contact similar sites in your niche asking for a link exchange which can also provide you with targeted traffic from time to time. For example if you have a site selling baby cots, contact sites that sell baby clothes, toys etc and ask to trade links as you can also provide them with traffic. Make sure you trade with the right sites that will actually give you a benefit as too many outgoing links can have a negative effect on your site.

You can write articles based on your niche that people will find interesting and submit them to article directories, make sure you embed a link back to your site so that if people use them it will provide a back link unless they go to the trouble of taking it out. A new method that is becoming popular is to sponsor wordpress themes, once someone has made a theme and got sponsors they will submit it to various theme sites where people can download them for free and use with their blog. If they do that they will have a link pointing to your site. Only pick ones that you think will be downloaded multiple times in order to get the best results.

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