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Understanding windows NT based web hosting service

Let us understand Windows NT in order to appreciate and make it a part of the web hosting plan. Microsoft has developed an operating system for servers called as "windows NT" which is now windows 2000. The interface of the software is same as that of windows 95/98. While choosing a window web hosting service, it is important to identify your website requirement.

In other words, you must know what exactly you want your website to do and what are its capabilities. Websites which are interactive based type, usually rely on active server pages (ASP) which allow scripts on web page to run on the server before the transmit ion of the files to the client takes place. Users can develop a website by using Microsoft tools, like Microsoft front page and Microsoft access. There are a lot of benefits involved in windows NT compared to other operating systems.

On account of the benefits, you get an opportunity to be more productive and you can easily publish your information on the internet by exploiting capabilities on windows NT. With low price, you can set up a fully functional internet server with NT and that too within few days. Windows NT platform is very cost-effective and reliable. However, the reliability of any platform, such as windows NT , entirely depends on maintenance involved in a professional way. Those users who are already using windows will find themselves comfortable in using windows NT. Usually people who use windows NT hosting, make use of Active Server Pages (ASP) technology.

This has become a popular reason for people to turn windows NT hosting. The interface and management tools of windows NT server decreases the server administration time. Windows NT server easily works with your existing network infrastructure. Windows NT server is the only network operating system that can boast of having a complete integrated web server called as Internet Information Server (IIS). Windows NT server is useful for both, simple accounting applications and also sophisticated manufacturing applications. Windows NT server has an application based platform.

The applications that are running on a windows NT server based machine are being executed through their own separate and secured memory address space. Hence, they are separated from the operating system and other application. So, a faulty application can never bring down any other application, nor it brings down the operating system. Thus, customers should feel relaxed with windows NT hosting. However, let me also inform you that Windows NT requires more system resource. A powerful machine is required to run windows NT.

Investing in windows NT(2000) hosting service will require a lot of money towards development tools. If you are using database technology, then it is appropriate to host your website on windows NT based platform.

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