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The Role Of Internet In Our Lives Today

The internet is a medium with which we can view information from anywhere in the world. Documents from the World Wide Web and various other services such as instant chat, email are available through the internet. Most of the time, everyone thinks that the internet and the W3 are the same, however this is not true. The internet is a network of cables, which allow users to access information of various sorts. The data is transmitted through the Internet Protocol, which is known as the IP.

Each computer will have a separate identity when it comes to the use of the internet. Though the internet was available, it only became a household word in the year 1996. But at the beginning, the use of the internet was very expensive. Most of the users went to public centers to use the internet for a high price per hour.

As the use became more popular, there was an increase in the speed of the internet and also decrease in cost. Networks were planned, and looking at the money, many service providers entered the market. They made it very simple for all users, and the use of the internet became very cheap. Everyone at home could afford to get a connection, and now most users will have unlimited access as well. This has made it possible for many people to benefit.

Those who are unable to go out may get opportunities to work from home. Various other doors have been opened to the average human, and everyone has taken advantage of the creation. Almost every individual uses the internet where it is available, irrespective of age groups. This medium caters to the needs for all age groups.

The internet has made a lot of activities very easy. The medium is used for almost all purposes, even with important issues such as education and government organizations. It has come a long way from the use with only scientific organizations and institutes etc. There was a phenomenal growth in the years 1996 and 1997. The growth for the internet has been at around hundred percent per year.

Majority of the users use the English language for the internet, as computer development happened in America in all stages. There are other languages as well, such as French, German, Chinese and Arabic. Internet has also made life easy because we can view through various means.

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