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The basic need to knows about web design

The basic need to knows about web design There are many different things you need to take into consideration when you go into the web design industry. You will, first of all, need to know web design code, for which you will need to do some sort of course. Here, however, we will cover the basics of what you need to remember when you look into designing your first web site. Firstly, you will need the graphics, you will then need the layout and then you will have to think of the fonts you will use.

Graphics When it comes to the web design graphics for you website, it always helps if you think small. We are not talking about small web design graphics, we are talking about small sized images or videos. Everyone hates pages that load too slowly, so you have to keep your potential client in mind at all times. The best sizes for images will be around 10 kb to about 12 kb. And remember that you want appealing images, or images that go with the rest of your content.

So if you have an article about boxing you will want to use an image that fits into that category, like a boxing bag, or even boxing gloves. As for the web design flash images, which look great on some websites, there has been a study that shows that they are very annoying to many people. It is advised to not use these, and if you really have to keep them to a minimum. These too take long to load and therefore will force people to not want to load your page a second time. Layout When it comes to layouts you will want to stick to easy layouts, you should remember that the more complicated layouts also, like the larger images, slow down the loading process for your customers.

So you will be better off sticking with standard normal layouts. There are some web design layouts that will just annoy your readers and will make them not want to be on your website. Like the one website that I came across that you had to scroll sideways, which mean that you do not scroll down.

This makes it very difficult, because some mice do not allow you to scroll sideways with the wheel, so you will have to use the scroll bar, and not many people like using those. And I also came across a website that has 8 different boxes on one page, which mean that you will have to activate each box if you want to click on something inside of that box, which is very annoying. The simple layouts work, you will even be better off using readymade layouts that you could purchase, these are built using the simple structure and they look good, you are also able to find very good looking hi-tech pre built site that you could choose from.

Fonts When it comes to fonts for web design you do not want to use too many on one page. When you look at a newspaper you do not see too many fonts on a page, the same goes for colors for web design, the editor will use the same font for all headlines and the same font for all other text, and with color, you will need to use the same color throughout your page, you could change the font and color on other pages, but doing it differently on the same page will be very distracting. .

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