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Take Some Safety Precautions Before Surfing The Web

Many people use the internet under the illusion that their actions are 100% private and anonymous, unfortunately it isn't so every time you visit a site you leave a calling card that reveals private and personal information about you ,where you are coming from ,Computer's IP Address , chat room activity ,Medical ,Insurance ,Financial or Career info you access, what kind of computer you have and other details of your online adventures are available to every site you enter. Internet users are exposed to different threats from hackers and other bad intended people therefore they have to take some basic safety precautions to avoid any unpleasant surprises. How we can help you? We can provide you with an updated list of anonymous proxies to protect your computer from malicious attacks. Proxy server acts as a shield between you and all your online activities. Technically speaking, a proxy server will rewrite the web pages you visit on protected servers so you will be safe and the most important thing that it will hide your computer's IP address so nobody will be able to trace you and this prevent them from seeing whatever you do online. Usually, proxy servers are used to increase the effective speed of your connection to the Internet, as they save files that are requested most often in a special database called "cache".

The cache of a proxy server is generally huge in its capacity, and contains not only the requests made by you, but also the files that have been requested by hundreds, if not thousands, of other Internet users. As a result, the information you need may already be present in cache by the time of your request, making it possible for the proxy to deliver it immediately. Proxy servers will block outside parties from inserting onto your own hard drive malicious files and will neutralize JavaScript, Cookies and all other threats you could think of. Proxy servers are useful for many other things such as; if you find yourself banned or restricted from accessing the Internet or if you are fire walled or blocked then proxy servers are the perfect solutions to resolve these problems.

Also, if you are attacked or flooded, not to mention trojaned or hacked in the chat rooms for example, proxy servers will eliminate these uncomfortable problems. Many people are unable to use Internet telephony services or their Internet speed is very low, proxy servers will do the trick and increase your Internet transfer speed and will allow you to use the Internet telephony services with no headaches. Some people want to use the Internet without leaving any tracks, for example: if you want to send an e-mail without revealing who you are, you can use proxy servers to "hide" your identity so other people won't know who sent the e-mail. Proxy servers are the best solution for hiding the user and protecting him from all sorts of evil attacks from people who are on the look for vulnerable Internet users which can be easily attacked.

Article by Mr Jone Savidis, owner of http://www.privacy-world.com/. Use the anonymous proxies to surf safely on the web. Browse through our fresh proxy list and download public proxies for free in just a couple of seconds.

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