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Rich Keywords Poor Keywords for Adsense Publishers

There is nearly nothing more important to an Adsense campaign other than informative and interesting content, this article will describe how keywords play an important role in maximizing your Adsense income. Keywords are crucial to the success of your Adsense venture. You will not be able to have relevant advertisements showing up in your sites if there are no significant keywords detected by the Search Engine bots. When writing, it is not that difficult to incorporate the proper amount of keywords or keyword phrases? known as keyword density, throughout your text.

Standard density is anywhere from 4% - 10%, depending on the niche you are in. Ultimately, it is best if you can stick with one or two keywords or phrases, per article or page. Do not stuff your content with the same keyword over and over again. While it might seem as though doing so will help to boost your content, higher in search engine rankings, Google actually penalizes you for this.

When you are creating your website, one of your main goals is to write content around high paying keywords. Not necessarily the highest paying keywords, of the month? but the highest paying keywords in YOUR NICHE. Unfortunately, you will soon discover that if you decide to write content around the highest paying keywords, the competition are so intense that you will lose out to the big dogs out there. It is advisable to stand out small and build it big.

Boredom is also a possibility if you decide to write about nothing but the highest paying keywords. If you do not enjoy the topic you are researching, not only will you quickly lose interest, it will also take you much longer before you have any motivation. Another option is to write content for both higher and lower paying keywords. The idea behind this method is simple.

Your pages that feature higher paying keywords may not enjoy a high search engine ranking, which means they may not receive as much traffic as you expect. But, there is a good chance that the lower paying keyword pages will get search engine traffic and hence, increasing the page views of all your pages. There are many ways to research popular keywords.

Free keyword research tools are available as well as fee based tools (monthly subscription basis). Obviously the fee-based tools will produce better and more extensive results. But if you are working with a limited budget, utilizing a free tool is a good alternative. In conclusion, your Adsense revenue depends on the keywords you choose when you are writing your content. The more popular the keyword the better chance you have in making more money.

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