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How to Protect your Internet History

Using the Internet for various online transactions and in particular financial transactions is a common place today. Details of such transactions are stored in hidden files in the hard disk of a computer. In other words, information such as User ID, Password, account number, and details of credit card can be traced and easily retrieved from the images that are stored on the hard disk even if you delete the temporary files from your hard disk.

The popular notion that if you clear the browser history, all the web pages visited will be cleared is totally false as the information regarding the web surfing is stored in a system file that cannot be deleted very easily. Non-ability to delete the system file opens the doors for hackers who can easily retrieve data from our computers and misuse the same. Internet eraser software helps avoid such misuse of the Internet as it erases the entire details of any such transactions from your hard disk.

Internet eraser software helps to delete all such unwanted files that may be misused against you or that may cause problems for you later. This software permanently deletes all cookies and files or folders that are stored in the Internet cache as a result of using the Internet. With the use of this Internet eraser software, you can delete the temporary Internet files, the search history, delete all cookies and the Internet cache and also empty the recycle bin. This ensures that all information that can be misused is permanently deleted from the hard disk and hence increases security. This Internet eraser software includes the search history eraser of all major sites like MSN, Yahoo, and Google, and supports web browsers like Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Netscape.

The Internet eraser software works well as an Internet browser history eraser, Internet browser cache and cookie eraser, duplicate files eraser and media and real player history eraser. It is possible for you to erase all this caches, cookies and files one by one with the help of the Internet eraser software. Some files or cookies may be required by you, and with the Internet eraser software, it is possible for you to decide on what to keep and what to eliminate from the computer.

Webpctools provides information which shows you how to erase history files to keep your PC performance at its best. Learn more about applications which let you delete history archives or clear history records on your PC to optimize your user experience.

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