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HELP I Want to Find a Guy I Used To Know

I wanted to find a guy I used to know and not have to jump through rings of blazing fire to do so. I wasn't willing to hire a gum shoe, or send up flares or enlist the FBI in any way. I wanted to find a guy I used to know and not have it be a big deal.

Thing was, he was a big deal to me. We were best friends throughout college and his name was Scott. Scott and I were immediately joined at the hip back then. We started comedy groups together, we rowed on the crew team together, we argued over whether we like blondes or brunettes best together. Everything.

And I wanted to, maybe even needed to, find him in Wisconsin and reconnect. Heading straight for the web, like anyone would, I knew only Scott's first and last name and that he lives in a little town called Whitefish Bay in Wisconsin. After weeding through countless so-called people finding search engines that did little more than upset me as I was dead serious about wanting to find a guy I used to know (Scott), I did eventually find something remarkable. It is a 100% dedicated people-finding search engine. Meaning it's sole purpose is to find people and people only.

It does not find all of the other things that all of the other search engines have to find. It is not bogged down by all of the rest of that finding! But here's the thing about THIS engine.it is 100% FREE! It costs nothing.

It has no place to put in a Visa Card number even if you wanted to. The great news is that through this engine, I was able to not just find Scott, but I found all of his brothers and his mom and his dad as well (I told you that this search engine was powerful, didn't I???) And I suppose the long and the short of this is that I could have called information and gotten Scott's info through them, but I wanted to see if I could find a guy I used to know on the WEB and do it for free. Guess what.I did. Guess what else, you can too.

Here is the absolute best way I was instantly able to find a guy I used to know (Like this article? Need some of your own?)

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