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Finding Super Affiliates to promote your product is the key to your success

I was reading a thread on a local Internet Marketing forum and the contents made me ponder for sometime. Basically, it's about someone asking for advice on how much commission should be paid to his affiliates. You know what? I was practically laughing my head off when one of the so-called 'expert' stated that it should not be more than 40%. 40%? You have got to be kidding me right? His excuse was that since the creator had put in countless hours of sweat into coming up with a brilliant product, shouldn't he be paid more from the share of the profit? I replied the thread stating that if anyone has a mindset like that, I would suggest that the person start a business that requires only him/her to run it. I started performing magic at a young age and subsequently, moved on to organizing events and seminars.

I've learned through-out my years in this field that 70% of the people whom I sought to assist me, may it be contractors, performers or even caterers are money-driven. That means, they don't want to do a job knowing that the organizer (the one that calls them) are sucking them dry by paying only so little of the total profit! I soon leaned that one very successful Internet Marketer shared the same mindset as me. His name is Neil Shearing. I then started paying this group of people rates that were way above the market! From then on, I earned an immense amount of respect and also, they became extremely motivated to show me overwhelming results. When I started my Internet Business, I applied the same theory and slowly, I started to realise that even as the creator of the product, my job is only a one time thing! I pay at least 65% of the total profits to all of my affiliates and this, I believe drove them to deliver results that they themselves are proud of. One thing led to another and soon enough, the word of my high paying commissions had spread all over the Internet world.

All kinds of people were flocking to my website and sales were sky-rocketing. After which, I started to strike while the iron was still hot. I found a software that Neil created and it includes a guide on how to charm your affiliates into showcasing YOUR products to their list. Like I mentioned, I only worked hard once to create my product.

But my affiliates are putting in countless of effort in bringing customers to my product; hence I don't see the logic that I should be earning more than them. Neil's software actually helped me to track Super Affiliates (Marketers who own lists that go up to hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and make a very comfortable living just by selling other peoples' products) and guides me on the proper way to approach them to help sell my product. So imagine yourself offering high commissions and having Super Affiliates helping sell your product. Your sales will be sky-rocketed! I believe that is what we all yearn to achieve in this Internet era. Being a Chinese, I always believe in this saying. What goes around comes around.

Stinginess will get you a bowl of rice. But graciousness will bring you rice from everyone around you who is readily willing to share with you. PS. You can read up more on Neil's product from here. I hereby wish for good health and forever happiness to you and your love ones.

Take care and god bless. Paul Sherman Wong Paul Sherman Wong- Started Internet Marketing in October 2006, started again in December 2006 after learning from my mistakes and last but not least, started bringing in checks in February 2007.

Sherman Wong is the author of this article on marketing. Find more information about super here.

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