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File Hosting just became Web

Conservative file hosting services used to offer the user a simple direct method to upload files. That method had some variations (i.e. url, browse, java client, flash client and so on) but still posed a problem in terms of upload times and ability to manage your files easily and quickly. As technologies advanced some companies took the power of Web 2.0, Ajax, JSON and advanced server side programming to deliver super fast, super easy and highly reliable upload and file hosting services.

Site like BlazeLoad (http://www.blazeload.com) offer the user new Ajax based technologies to upload his files with ease and speed. The new technique is not only faster but also provides you with an accurate time estimate to the upload remaining along with cool options like having your own virtual folder of uploaded files, mass file uploading and more.

Starting the move form old class upload sites to the newer generation ones will not only save you precious time waiting for your upload to finish but will also provide you an easier way to keep all your files in one place. This will allow you to max out your network (or the server's network speed) and upload stuff in blazing speeds. Additional features such as Tags, Bookmarking, FaceBook integration, Ajax Slide shows and more make these sites the next generation in file hosting services.

User interaction and user driven content on these sites are in the center and combining that with the high traffic speeds really makes these sites the ultimate free file hosting service.

Gilad Ariav, CEO of SysMesh Ltd. Meshing Systems Together. http://www.sysmesh.com
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