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Every day someone comes to QxBid Shopping

Every day someone comes to QxBid for the first time and is astonished at the vast variety of things for sale. It is truly overwhelming the amount of goods being sold on eBay every day. Supporting the massive amount of items listed is an even more massive number of buyers out there looking for stuff to buy. These buyers all are looking for a bargain but at the same time when they do find something that interests them, they will up their bid to win it. That is the brilliance of an auction rather than a straight sale.

Competition. It is what drives prices up on eBay. online auctions There are many people who wish to take part in this whole process but have no idea where to start. What to sell on QxBid is the first question everyone asks themselves when they first want to learn how to sell on eBay. You want a product that is in demand, is easy to find and is in constant supply and has no minimum order. There are many shady wholesale and drop ship list sellers who will just leave you more frustrated and broke than with sales and profits.

You only need to look as close as your local thrift store. jeans Thrift stores are filled with name brands that people are actively seeking to buy. They have thousands and thousands of potential items to stock your eBay business. The trick is to know what is in demand and will sell.

This is done by research and study. By studying closed auctions, you will get very familiar with what sells and what doesn't. Department store and chain store clothing is a dime a dozen and not worth buying to sell.

Other designer labels and brands are better to look for. the key is to look at enough auctions that you know a particular category very well. Lets take jeans for example, they are a favorite among eBay buyers. The trick is to know what will sell and what won't. As you research, you must take notes on everything you study. I suggest you use a notebook and start a new category every few pages to give you room to take plenty of notes.

As you go on you will notice a pattern of certain brands selling for a premium price and others not selling at all. This does take some time but is well worth it. You don't want to just go out there and start buying every big name brand you find.

There are other factors that will determine if something will sell. Age, condition, style and material are all factors of importance. But soon, you will see these patterns and start to be able to find these good pieces on the racks at your local thrift stores. The best way to know what to look for is by getting familiar with just a few categories at a time.

Get to know winter apparel because it will be in high demand in the fall and can sell for quite a bit of money. A North Face jacket will sell for far more than a pair of shorts. Get to know several areas like sweaters, jeans and shirts for example. As you go into the thrift stores, you will be knowledgeable in more and more categories and be able to find more and more items that will sell at a nice profit. As you know more and more categories, you can expand your scope and look different sections of the store for the opposite sex.

Take sweaters. Once you know womens sweaters and what to look for and what to stay away from, you can do the same for mens sweaters as well. It is surprising what some people will pay for used sweaters.

It is very possible to buy a sweater for $2 and sell it for $75-$100. The key is knowing what to look for and if you study womens sweaters, you might as study mens as well. And what about childrens sweaters? Children grow so fast that parents are constantly buying new clothes for them. online auction.

designer jeans
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