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Creating Copy That Attracts Customers

Written words are a powerful marketing tool. They have the ability to persuade, reason, explain & direct the reader to take action. They can hold someone's imagination and open them up to possibilities never before visualized. But used improperly or without due care & attention they can destroy all the good work you have done in one foul swoop. If you've been online for very long, and have clicked on any of the major marketing sites, you've probably seen headlines that promise, "Write Hypnotic Copy That Guarantees Sales!" or "The REAL Secrets of Writing That Will Make Customers Get Their Wallets Out!" These ads can be tempting, because you really do want to see results - and fast.

But is there really one method that works for all when writing to sell? And is it as quick and easy as the online ads (written by professional copywriters) claim? The answer, simply put, is NO. Creating irresistible copy takes work, research, and effort, unlike the promises you see (if it really worked and was as easy as ads proclaim, all of the major advertising agencies and copywriters would quickly go out of business, since we could all churn out our own hypnotic copy and get rich in 30 days or less). But if you don't mind approaching writing your copy the way that professionals do, you will reach your clients, and see improved sales.

Here are the 'killer' steps for creating good marketing copy: 1) Know your audience 2) Know your product and why people use it 3) Position yourself - show why you're unique in the marketplace 4) Personalize your copy 5) Give them reasons to buy from you 6) Give them a strong call to action 7) Offer an incentive.

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