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Welcome to NAUSHIKA hosting!

We only sell powerful, affordable dedicated server hosting to thousands of businesses worldwide. ServePath delivers guaranteed performance and uptime, a Screaming Fast Network, and the latest hardware from our two world class data centers.

Everything you need for Internet activity!
Privacy, Performance, Control

Find out about hosting Business Plans and Services.
Simplx Review - Simplx is arguably the most misleading dropship companies on the internet, because it is not a dropship company at all.

Dedicated Hosting Linux Asp Net Hosting Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting - Web hosting is a elementary internet service that allows individuals, and corporations to launch a near presence on the World Wide Web.

AluriaExpanding Spyware Security Efforts - Aluria is forming alliances with other companies in an effort to reduce spyware and related problems.

Cheap Hosting Asp Net Web Hosting Dedicated Hosting - Web hosting is a principal internet service that allows individuals, and to set up a near presence on the World Wide Web.

Registry Cleaner Mechanic Key - As the registry keeps growing it gets loaded with unnecessary information and data.

Reverse Search Phone Number Did You Know That It Is That Easy - Thanks to the technological advancement or may we say the internet, you can do a background check of anyone from your PC, provided you have his/her cell or phone number.

Internet Based Email Advertising Back in Video - When the customer clicks the image, a new browser window opens and your video loads onto it.

Dedicated Hosting Linux E Commerce Web Hosting Window Web Hosting - Web is a key internet service that allows individuals, organizations and to show a effective presence on the World Wide Web.

Better Business Option For Website - Search engines are for all time working towards civilizing their technology to crawling the web more intensely and return more and more relevant results to users.

Ecommerce Solution for the Big and Small Business - Do you have a business? Were you told you needed an ecommerce solution to help your business? Do you need to know how and where to get an ecommerce solution? Perhaps you are not even sure what an ecommerce solution is.

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