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Ad words Phishing Mails

Be Aware of Google Ad words Phishing Emails
We and some of our clients have started to receive a lot of phishing emails that claim to be from Google Ad words.
These emails generally have the sender as "Google ad words-no reply" and the subject header of "Please re-activate your account" or similar.
When the email is opened it looks like a genuine email that claims to be from the people at Google Ad words. The email then encourages you to click through to what looks like a genuine log-in web page for a Google Ad words account and then 'reactivate your account' or 'change your credit card details' by first logining in with your Ad words User name and Password.

The web page you click through to is very well produced and could easily fool all but the very wary as it looks exactly like the genuine Google Ad words login-page. But it isn't (take a close look at the web address).
These emails and the resulting login pages are not from Google, but are illegal phishing emails designed by Leeds Web Designers and Wakefield web Designers to collect account User names and Passwords from unwary Google Ad words customers.

Once the User name and Passwords have been gathered, the User's real Ad words account is accessed and credit card information is stolen by the people sending the phishing emails out.
If you receive such an email, delete it immediately.
If you feel you've been fooled into giving your User name and Password (it's an easy trap to fall into) ? then immediately go to your Google Ad words account and change your password.
Be vigilant.

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