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A Look at the Power of Web Video and Video Blogging

There has never been a means that touches so many people on such an intimate level than with video. Whether you are going to the movies, watching your television, or recently, surfing the web, you are able to view videos that are interesting to you. But why is video so powerful in explaining a message, telling a story or selling a product? Perhaps the reason why individuals are so connected with video is because it stimulates two of the most powerful senses in our bodies, which is sound and sight.

Today, the use of web video is extremely prominent, and it seems that everyone from internet marketers to the mother of two living down the street is taking advantage of the power of web video. The reason why so many people are beginning to adopt video as a means to divulging information is because it is a easy, and extremely effective way to connect with their audience on an intimate level. It's unsure to say where the future of web video is going to take us however there are several things that are for certain.

Web video isn't going to go anywhere, and the use of video to obtain information is going to grow stronger throughout the next several years. The power of video blogging Video blogging is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to connect and talk with the world around you. Actually, since video blogging has become so popular, there is even a new term for it, it's called vlog.

But how can you access these vlogs and also, why are they becoming so popular? The first of these tips is to make sure that you keep all of your video blog entries short. In most cases you will want to keep your blog in the range of one to three minutes. If you feel that you have much more to say than in this short time span, simply, create a sequel to your first blog. But remember, you will not want to keep your blog longer than four minutes, because many people that are watching video blogs are not there for thirty minutes. They want to be entertained in a short amount of time, and then move on.

This is why having more video blog entries is better than having fewer, longer entries. It's the same concept as in real life, you wouldn't listen to a person who was trying to give you information from across the room, so don't set up your video blog to where you are distanced from the camera. A good way to discover if you are at the correct distance from the camera is by looking at the screen and making sure that only your chest and up is visible. You don't want to show your whole torso, because you would be too far away for the viewers. It's because of the power of video that so many marketers and advertisers have begun to use video instead of texts and sounds. This can be true by visiting MySpace or any other popular website, because when you visit them you will most likely see an advertisement that isn't made of solely text, but with a video included.

Because you are watching a video, there is a longer lasting impression of the product in your mind.

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